30-Day Readmissions


CMS is looking to recoup some of the $15 billion it spends on readmissions a year. It intends to start denying payment for 30-day readmissions for Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and Acute Myocardial Infarction beginning in 2010. Over 2008-2009, HealthTech worked with its hospital partners to address the business challenges facing healthcare organizations in eliminating 30-day readmissions and to assess the role that technology can play in solutions. In addition, HealthTech’s efforts focused on the development of methodologies and tools that hospitals can use to identify and accelerate the adoption of the most appropriate technologies. In June 2009, HealthTech was a sponsor of the National Medicare Readmissions Summit in Washington DC (http://www.readmissionssummit.com/) to discuss technology-enabled strategies for transitions of care. This body of work forms the basis to the project proposed to the Commonwealth Foundation entitled Technology-enabled Innovation and Integration of Care.

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