Reducing Readmissions Through Innovative Technology-enabled Models of Care


Evidence is emerging that several new technologies, including remote patient-monitoring devices, medication optimization systems, and tools that improve caregiver-to-caregiver and caregiver-to-patient communications, can significantly reduce the need for hospital readmissions and lower costs by enabling a greater level of care coordination and integration. However, providers and researchers lack sufficient information about the best ways to incorporate these technologies into care redesign efforts, what to invest in and when, and how to implement the tools systemwide in order to reap their full benefit. CITPH, in collaboration with an advisory committee, identified strategies for deploying and sustaining technological innovations to transform care delivery. The findings, in the form of case studies and tools, are available to assist care delivery systems, community partnerships, and national organizations in efforts to improve care coordination and reduce avoidable hospital readmissions.

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  1. Hello,

    The results of this study are desperately needed. Will the focus of this study be on the post-acute care continuum?


    German Galaso


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