The Role of ICT in Chronic Disease Management


This report, which was conducted for Lehigh Valley Hospital and El Camino Hospital, assessed the role of ICT in the development of applications for the management of chronic diseases. The goal was to raise general awareness of the role of ICT in the management of chronic diseases and to highlight the promise that two technology categories in particular – remote health services and mobile and web technologies – offer for transformative change. We selected these technologies on the basis of their ability to improve remote access to care services on a regular basis, to impact critical health care measures, and to improve outcomes. Furthermore, we believe that they can be readily adopted and diffused into chronic care practices. We will also examined recent evidence and case studies using ICT in the management of two leading chronic conditions, cardiovascular diseases and asthma. This was then balanced by an assessment of the key drivers and barriers to the successful adoption and diffusion of ICT into hospital-based practices. Project deliverables include five integrated publications.

Report: The Role Of Information and Communications Technology In Chronic Disease Management

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