The Center for Innovation and Technology in Public Health (CITPH) promotes quality improvement, cost reductions, and access in public health through highlighting the role of innovation and technology. CITPH is engaged in public policy development, public health (PH) practices, and the direct provision of services related to enabling technologies. CITPH staff members systematically study, evaluate and disseminate assessments of technology-enabled innovations that deliver improvements in population health, represent cost-effective solutions in low-income settings, and can be deployed on a large scale to drive real systems change.

Organizational Approach
CITPH conducts research related to enabling technologies, including the systematic monitoring and studying of innovations and technologies, the testing and evaluation of their effectiveness, and the dissemination of findings that promote best practices and strategies for successful technology diffusion:

  • Identify and track opportunity-focused innovations and technologies for transforming PH
  • Profile most promising innovations and supporting technologies for transforming PH
  • Develop evidence base for adoption on basis of clinical and financial impact on PH
  • Document case studies to promote best practices and strategies for successful diffusion
  • Identify opportunities to advocate for policy change in supporting and encouraging CITPH
  • Develop effective communications strategy (newsletter, white papers, webinars, etc.)

Organizational Products and Resources

  • CITPH capacity: technology forecasting; strategic visioning; convening expert panels; technology reviews; technology/intervention training and education; program development and management; program evaluation; and dissemination.
  • CITPH staff expertise and resource: content experts; technical/disease specific experts; regional, national and international professional networks; and linkages with collaborators in the public and private sectors.
  • CITPH is based at the Public Health Institute (PHI) in Oakland, California. PHI provides full operational support and management for CITPH.
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