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National Quality Forum: AIIMS Profile Report

The National Quality Forum commissioned PHI to develop a profile of available information technologies that healthcare organizations may implement in part or as integrated systems to support real-time infection prevention, control, surveillance, and process improvement. The purpose of this report was to provide an environmental assessment of the commercial availability and extent of adoption of… Read More


The Role of ICT in Chronic Disease Management

This report, which was conducted for Lehigh Valley Hospital and El Camino Hospital, assessed the role of ICT in the development of applications for the management of chronic diseases. The goal was to raise general awareness of the role of ICT in the management of chronic diseases and to highlight the promise that two technology… Read More


Profiles of Four Excellent American Health Care Organizations

In preparation for a strategic planning process that will incorporate a wide range of stakeholders and elements of its organization, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona asked the Health Technology Center (HealthTech) to conduct research on the innovation management practices of leading US healthcare organizations, with a specific emphasis on approaches to strategic planning and the integration… Read More


Webinar: The SCAN Foundation Technology Summit and Grant Initiative on Enhancing Social Action for Older Adults Through Technology

As older adults face continuing economic, social and health-related challenges, information and communications technology holds great potential for facilitating organizing and social action for this age group. The relationship between social action, technology and older Americans was the subject of a May 2010 expert panel convened by the Center for Technology and Aging on behalf… Read More

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