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The Promise of Telehealth: The Commonwealth Fund Connection

Remote patient monitoring—better known as telehealth—can facilitate communication between patients and their caregivers and engage patients in managing their own care. A new set of case studies highlights three successful telehealth programs: The Veterans Health Administration’s Care Coordination Home Telehealth program, which demonstrates the possibility of implementing telehealth on a broad scale and achieving cost-effective,… Read More


Reducing Readmissions Through Innovative Technology-enabled Models of Care

Evidence is emerging that several new technologies, including remote patient-monitoring devices, medication optimization systems, and tools that improve caregiver-to-caregiver and caregiver-to-patient communications, can significantly reduce the need for hospital readmissions and lower costs by enabling a greater level of care coordination and integration. However, providers and researchers lack sufficient information about the best ways to… Read More


30-Day Readmissions

CMS is looking to recoup some of the $15 billion it spends on readmissions a year. It intends to start denying payment for 30-day readmissions for Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and Acute Myocardial Infarction beginning in 2010. Over 2008-2009, HealthTech worked with its hospital partners to address the business challenges facing healthcare organizations in eliminating 30-day… Read More

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