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Health Reform and Local Health Departments: Matrix of Key Recommendations

PHI also provided CDC with key recommendations and outlined specific action steps that can be taken by CDC in supporting local health departments as their roles and functions evolve, particularly with regard to achieving broad national health care goals. Matrix of Key Recommendations


Reducing Readmissions Through Innovative Technology-enabled Models of Care

Evidence is emerging that several new technologies, including remote patient-monitoring devices, medication optimization systems, and tools that improve caregiver-to-caregiver and caregiver-to-patient communications, can significantly reduce the need for hospital readmissions and lower costs by enabling a greater level of care coordination and integration. However, providers and researchers lack sufficient information about the best ways to… Read More


30-Day Readmissions

CMS is looking to recoup some of the $15 billion it spends on readmissions a year. It intends to start denying payment for 30-day readmissions for Heart Failure, Pneumonia, and Acute Myocardial Infarction beginning in 2010. Over 2008-2009, HealthTech worked with its hospital partners to address the business challenges facing healthcare organizations in eliminating 30-day… Read More


Technology-enabled Innovations for Improving Children’s Health

The California Endowment sponsored HealthTech and The Children’s Partnership (TCP) to link research on technology-enabled innovations through the use of information and communications technology (ICT) to opportunities for action now in reducing health disparities among low-income and other underserved children in California. Over 2008-2009, HealthTech and TCP researched and discussed with more than 100 experts… Read More


Emerging Technologies and the Future of Independent Living Future Environments for an Aging Society

HealthTech’s research work over 2008-2009 involved considerable study of the field of independent aging through review of the literature and expert interviews with over 100 policy, program and technology experts nationwide. Research outputs included the development of 10-year forecasts in two areas: Emerging Technologies and the Future of Independent Living and Future Environments for an… Read More


The Future of Behavioral Health in Children and Adolescents in New Mexico: Report

This report, prepared for the California HealthCare Foundation, examines the current status, challenges, and opportunities for behavioral health information systems, particularly electronic health records (EHRs) and personal health records (PHRs), that support government-sponsored mental health services for children and adolescents in California. It focuses on young people because they are the most diverse segment of… Read More


Enhancing Social Action for Older Adults through Technology: Report

In association with the Center for Technology and Aging, a grantee of The SCAN Foundation that is devoted to the diffusion of technology to help older adults live independently, CITPH recently hosted a panel of experts to identify ways to deliver better care for older adults. Entitled “The SCAN Foundation Technology Summit: Enhancing Social Action… Read More


Health Reform and Local Health Departments: Report

This report summarizes the best thinking on key trends, challenges, identifies the opportunities local leaders find most promising to improve access to medical care services, to improve health outcomes, and to contain the cost of health, and provides their suggestions on how CDC (and potentially other components of the federal government) can best assist with… Read More


National Quality Forum: AIIMS Profile Report

The National Quality Forum commissioned PHI to develop a profile of available information technologies that healthcare organizations may implement in part or as integrated systems to support real-time infection prevention, control, surveillance, and process improvement. The purpose of this report was to provide an environmental assessment of the commercial availability and extent of adoption of… Read More


The Role of ICT in Chronic Disease Management

This report, which was conducted for Lehigh Valley Hospital and El Camino Hospital, assessed the role of ICT in the development of applications for the management of chronic diseases. The goal was to raise general awareness of the role of ICT in the management of chronic diseases and to highlight the promise that two technology… Read More

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