Emerging Technologies and Independent Living

HealthTech’s research work over 2008-2009 involved considerable study of the field of independent aging through review of the literature and expert interviews with over 100 policy, program and technology experts nationwide. Research outputs included the development of 10-year forecasts in two areas: Emerging Technologies and the Future of Independent Living and Future Environments for an Aging Society. These forecasts formed the basis for two expert panels where panelists discussed the “most probable” future over the next ten years as well as identified enablers and specific action steps with the potential to impact the capacity of individuals to maintain the greatest degree of independence. The findings are now being used by the Center for Technology and Aging to develop specific priorities, strategies and recommendations for applied research, grant making, dissemination and policy development in remote patient management and monitoring, medication management, cognitive assessment, assistive technologies, disease management, family caregiver communication, and sensors.

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